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An interactive group process to build participants’ skills that provides detailed concepts, while applying frameworks and tools to cases and participants’ examples.

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Tad Mayer

An individualized process adapted to the specific needs of the client on a session-by-session basis, facilitating the path toward the client’s identified goal, and providing accountability at agreed upon way points.

​​A lively and intriguing overview of concepts, frameworks, and tools, presented through stories and examples to enable real-world application.

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Tad Mayer, Career Negotiations, Tad Mayer Career Negotiations, Career Negotiations Tad Mayer


Do you struggle with daily negotiations at work: asking for a raise or a promotion, requesting a transfer to a team that’s attracted the spotlight, or putting together a deal with a client or strategic partner? Career Negotiations offers the tools you need to become comfortable and successful in these types of negotiations, founded on the theories and skills developed by the Harvard Negotiation Project and described by Roger Fisher and William Ury in their landmark bestseller, Getting to Yes.


​​​​Are you unsure what you want to do next professionally? What impact do you ultimately want to have on the world, and what kind of work-life balance do you dream of? Even if you know, how will you achieve these aspirations, especially if they require a major professional shift? Our career coaching services provide a proprietary, negotiation-based framework to answer these questions, turning the often chaotic, discouraging and overwhelming process of career development into one of choice and control.LEADERSHIP COACHING, CAREER COACHING QUESTIONS, CAREER COACHING IN BOSTON, CAREER SPEAKING IN BOSTON, TAD MAYER CAREER