​​Empowering professionals to advance

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Benefits to the company

·      Improved high-potential, early-professional motivation and retention


Benefits to high-potential, early-professionals

·      Realistic and defined advancement expectations

·      Sense of company support and acknowledgement


Program Overview

·      Coordinates with company’s resource needs

·      Trains and coaches successful internal mobility

·      Tracks results


Career Negotiations offers “Internal Career Path Support,” a customized program empowering high-potential, early-professionals to successfully advance within your organization, enticing them to stay. The advancement may be a direct promotion or a pivot to another business area.

We start by working with Human Resources to create goals and benchmarks for the program. We then explore the company’s expected future talent needs. Next, we offer training and coaching to teach the selected early professionals how to move within the company successfully.


                                                    Our work with the employees starts with group training sessions.

                                                    Training together utilizes organizational resources efficiently, while employees share challenges and

                                                    ideas, build comradery, and learn from each other.


The trainings cover:

·      Identifying employees’ professional aspirations and matching them to forecasted company needs

·      Learning to network effectively and gain access to their target role within the company

·      Practicing how to interview and investigate fit with a hiring manager


After training, we coach the employees in 1-on-1 sessions to adapt the general strategies to their specific needs and situations. Lastly, we collect evaluations and monitor the movement and retention of the participants, comparing these results to the original program expectations.