• Competitive negotiation
  • Collaborative, interest-based negotiation
  • Daily negotiations
  • How to ask for a raise
  • Negotiating deals with clients
  • Negotiating strategic partnerships and joint ventures
  • Getting to Yes


  • How to lead when no one’s in charge
  • How much collaboration is too much?

Effective Communication

  • Challenging conversations
  • Difficult tactics

Conflict Resolution

  • Managing & resolving conflict onsite
  • What are mediation, arbitration, ombuds, and other options


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Whether you are planning a keynote, break-out session, panel discussion, or Lunch & Learn, our speaking engagements are comprised of captivating stories, interactive content, and small group exercises. We inspire the audience’s curiosity and attention while revealing the primary concepts and issues surrounding the topic.

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Career Development

  • Negotiating your Career
  • Dreamlining and flow to pinpoint your professional focus
  • The two-step informational interview and how to tell your story to gain access
  • The three core negotiations and how to adapt them to your situation
  • The four phases of career development, where you are, and what to do
  • Building resources to catapult you to your new career
  • How to make “yesable” proposals to test-drive professional roles
  • How to define and achieve the impact, legacy, and lifestyle you want
  • How to negotiate compensation

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