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Working with Companies

Career Negotiations offers services to help leaders identify and overcome roadblocks, assist managers in expanding their value and responsibilities, and enable early professionals to move up or change business areas successfully. Specifically, we offer the following programs:

Working with Individuals

Career building, like negotiation, is determined by how well you interact with people. How you manage conversations will determine your success in finding, keeping, shaping, and succeeding at work that you love. Career Negotiations offers services to help identify what you want to do professionally, how to gain access to it, and how to land the job you want with the overall compensation you deserve. Specifically, we offer the following programs:


Free Download: Guide to Easy & Effective Informational Interviewing

Free Download: Information Interviewing – The Easy & Effective Guide

Informational interviews are your best tool for understanding and developing the capital that will carry you to the job you really want. Learn how to use information interviews to gain:

■ Referrals, connections, and relationships

■ Nuanced, insider information from people working in your desired field or company

■ Insights into what is important to decision makers

■ + more!