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We enhance employee engagement to improve productivity and reduce turnover.

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In the United States, average employee engagement is about 30%, leading to a concerning turnover rate for most companies. For top tech companies, average tenure is less than two years, and in some cases less than one! It does not have to be that way at your organization.

Career Negotiations works at all levels of the company to motivate staff members to give their best each day, recommit to their roles, renew their loyalty to the organization and its success, and rededicate themselves to the organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals. From supporting leadership to identifying resources for management and providing guidance for early professionals, Career Negotiations will help reduce your turnover and costs.

We offer a comprehensive process to identify the best course of action for your organization. Career Negotiations starts with your company’s needs: what are the average tenure, annual turnover, and/or employee engagement scores. What do you want them to be, and what’s the gap? Next we pinpoint which employees are most affected, so that we can mine for their drivers and motivations. Lastly we figure out what services will fulfill those motivations to jazz up and re-engage your employees.

Our Services

We work with companies in the following ways:

Internal Development Symbol

Internal Networking

Early-Professionals advance successfully

Soar in Place

Soar In Place

Managers identify opportunities and gain professional fulfillment.

Executive Coaching

Executive Triumph

Leaders overcome hurdles and

move the organization forward.

How much is turnover costing my company?

Research has shown that the cost to replace employees ranges from 50% to 200% of annual salary, depending on the role. As an example, an individual contributor such as an analyst or programmer can cost an average of 125% of annual salary to replace. That means that if they stay for two years, you’re paying them for more than three!

What motivates employees?

What motivates employees depends on who they are. The best way to find out is to ask them. In general, however, some of the top drivers for employees currently are: professional development to keep skills up-to-date and marketable, advancement, competitive and fair salary, being clear on their purpose and how they are contributing to the customer experience, and feeling supported by the organization.

If we train them, won't we just help them leave?

OK, but what if you don’t train your employees? Either they will start to worry that their skill will become out-of-date and unmarketable, so they will leave. Or, they will not be able to perform as well because they will not be on top of the best tools and skills available.




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