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Below are links to sample White Papers and Worksheets relevant to where you are in your career development or job search. White Papers are general overviews of specific topics. Worksheets are designed to make you think through questions and situations for a specific purpose.

Clients of Career Negotiations have access to a full library of White Papers and Worksheets, which are accessible through this portal.


Sample White Papers


Sample Worksheets

  • Dreamlining Lite — The idea is to think big about what you would do if you had no constraints. Think of any huge, crazy, wild ideas! The bigger the better. If that’s too big, think about anything that might be interesting to you to try (with no commitment). The value of the exercise is not necessarily in those answers; it’s in the next step (Question 4), which is to ask why you want to do those things, which gets to your interests (needs, motivations, and aspirations).
  • Environmental Preferences — To think about what sort of environment you would like to work in, with what kind of people, in what sort of company, etc.
  • Prepare Your Story to Brainstorm Professional Options — A five-part worksheet to develop a story to tell people you meet with and brainstorm professional options that would fulfill your passions, interests, and constraints.
  • Access Capital Assessment — Access Capital is what gets you in the door and taken seriously with decision makers. This worksheet will help you take stock of the kinds of access capital you have (and don’t have).
  • Salary Negotiation Preparation Sheet — There is no more important step than preparing for a negotiation. This worksheet helps you think through the many elements of a salary negotiation so you know your goal, how to start the conversation, how to generate options for agreement, and when to walk away.