Internal Networking

Empowering early professionals to move successfully within the company, engaging them and meeting resource needs.


Gain a Promotion / Change roles and/or business areas

What if your high-potential early professionals focused their career aspirations on opportunities that will be available within your organization? And, they had the tools they need to outshine external candidates as the right fit. Think of the improvement in engagement and reduction in turnover.

To get promoted, change roles, or shift business areas, early professionals have to know how to grow their connections, understanding, and access capital to become the candidate for an open position. They have to network to get to know the decision maker and the team, conduct informational meetings to understand what’s important all of them (beyond the job description), and ask the right questions to identify what holes exist in their qualifications that they can fill, maybe with company support. Successful advancement like this leads to engaged employees. If they are unsuccessful at moving within the company, they will leave.

Stuck in a Rut? How to Negotiate Your Career.

10/3/2017 - Tad was interviewed by Sammi Caramela, a B2B Staff Writer for Business News Daily. They discussed, "Stuck in a Rut? How to Negotiate Your Career." Whether you need a higher salary, don't enjoy what you do, want a promotion, or feel it's time to move,...

The Art and Value of Information Interviewing by Tad Mayer

You’ve pinpointed a new industry, company, or role. You’re excited to transition, but you’re not sure how. What would help you succeed? Information from someone who has gone before you.If you were a mountain climber, as other climbers come down the mountain, what...

Another Career Tool: Reframing

by Tad Mayer Let’s say you meet with a friend after work and you tell her about your day, “My boss doesn’t listen to me, my team is lazy, even if we do get the project done — what difference will it make in the world, so why should I really care?” A...