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Tad was interviewed by Sammi Caramela, a B2B Staff Writer for Business News Daily. They discussed, "Stuck in a Rut? How to Negotiate Your Career."

There will likely come a time when you feel stuck in your career. Whether you're in need of a higher salary or are simply not enjoying the work you do, you might consider asking for a promotion or applying to other companies. 

Mentorship Programs

The hiring process is only the start of creating a strong work force. Once acquired, you have to keep them. High employee turnover costs businesses in time and productivity. Try the following tactics to retain your employees. More...

  Sammi Caramela

      Talent Retention Series - #1

              by Ron Rakip

​​Let’s say you want to build a table. You’ll be able to get some general directions on the Internet, from a book, or in a magazine, but you specifically want a tiger maple round table with six legs at an odd height. It will be hard to find an article specific to your project. You’ll be able to find some plans that you can try to adapt, but you’ll be missing a fair amount of important information, like:  More...

Employee Training and Development

Millennials represent roughly one third of the American workforce, and that statistic will only continue increase. Millennials' career needs and goals should be part of the employers’ responsibilities. More... has posted an article by Tad Mayer about the "The Art and Value of Informational Interviewing." It discusses why to ask for informational interviews, how they are different from job interviews, and how to do them well. You can find the article here.

The Art and Value of Information Interviewing
by Tad Mayer                      

How to Figure out What You Want to Do  -  First of five related video clips.

​by Tad Mayer

Tad and Kevin Willett discuss how to stand out in a job interview

by Tad Mayer

      Talent Retention Series - #3

              by Ron Rakip

Why Ask for Informational Meetings?  -  Third of five video clips.

by Tad Mayer

Let’s say you meet with a friend after work and you tell her about your day, “My boss doesn’t listen to me, my team is lazy, even if we do get the project done — what difference will it make in the world, so why should I really care?”


by Tad Mayer

Watch Tad interviewed about how to negotiate salary with a job offer. Watch it here. (87 seconds)

Watch a video excerpt as Tad defines Informational Meetings and discloses the value of making them part of the job search process.Watch it here. (87 seconds)

​​​​​​​​​​​Let’s say you go to a meeting and find yourself sitting at a round conference table with nine other people.  The moderator of the meeting says, “I will give a prize of one thousand dollars to each of the first two people who can persuade the person sitting opposite to get up, come around the table, and stand behind his or her chair.”  What would you do? More...

As a lifelong manager on the technical side of businesses, I became well aware of the rewards to be appreciated from having formal career plans for direct reports. More...

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by Ron Rakip

How to Negotiate Salary with a Job Offer  -  Second of five video clips.

by Tad Mayer

Imagine you are interviewing candidates for an open position. In your role, it’s important to you to improve your department and leave a legacy of having developed a new area of business for your company.  More...

Why Have a Side Hustle?  -  Fifth of five video clips.

​by Tad Mayer


by Cara Bigony and Justin Wright

Cara Bigony and Justin Wright collablorated on an article for MIT's The Tech asking new graduates what their plans were beyond graduation. We thought you might find it interesting. You can find the article here.

Another Career Tool: Re-framing
by Tad Mayer                      

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What is the value of a talent retention strategy that includes good Communications and Organizational Feedback? (See more of the series below)
Among the most important elements of Talent Retention elements in terms of influence on the employee base are communications and organizational feedback. This assumes that you have a talent retention strategy at all.  


      Talent Retention Series - #2

              by Ron Rakip

      Talent Retention Series - #4

              by Ron Rakip

​​​​​​You’ve been working in your position for a while and your boss has not offered you a raise. How do you bring it up? What do you say? Below are 10 tips to help you successfully discuss a salary increase.  More...

The purpose of this blog is to investigate the intersection of career development and negotiation. It also shares the best practices of each. Tad Mayer and his co-authors of the forthcoming book,
Own the Job Hunt, are the primary contributors. We strive to prompt you to achieve professional impact and fulfillment.


Tad interviewed by Business News Daily - Sammi Caramela

This video excerpt has Tad answering Kevin Willett’s request for some uncommon job interview tips. Watch it here. (73 seconds)

Occupations undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress. 


Not all companies have Talent Retention strategies. but the ones that do benefit from loyal, productive, and efficient workers. It has been discovered that the majority of employees respond positively to compensation with a close second group prefer benefit packages. Having a strategy based on either can be costly. More... 

Watch Tad interviewed about how job seekers can begin the process of pinpointing their next role. Watch it here. (90 seconds)

​​Empowering professionals to advance

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Uncommon Job Interview Tips.  -  Fourth of five video clips.

​by Tad Mayer

Career Coaching Services, Career Speaking - Career Negotiations - Boston, Ma

Watch a video excerpt as Tad defines Informational Meetings and discloses the value of making them part of the job search process. Watch it here. (42 seconds)